There is a period in every person’s life where they have no ideas, everything they do is pointless and there is no fix for the repetitiveness of living. This period usually stretches from the unfortunate event called “birth” to the resulting death many years or in some cases a few seconds later. People have a wide variety of reactions to this unfortunate period, some include tears and unconquerable sorrow, others ignore facts and run around their happy little lives like they’re going to survive for as long as it’s convenient and no longer, others turn to the vast heap of information and cat videos called the internet to spew their frustration. But we genius humans have found a fix for our dilemma. We, um… Hold on.

What happened to the rest of the page? What do you mean you left it blank until someone actually fixed it? Great.

Sorry readers, we haven’t. I assumed that after however many thousands of years we’ve had civilization that someone would’ve presented a fix, but no, we’re all busy worrying about the end of the world or when robots are going to take over and kill everyone. As if that could ever happen…

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to keep them to yourself as no one actually cares because if we did we would’ve listened to the first person that said it wasn’t a good idea to build huge missiles to blow up anyone who is slightly irritating.

Wish you weren’t here,

Charlotte Dodgson

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