When I was a child, back in the Middle Ages or sometime around then, I really don’t remember, very few people could read or write. That was fine because nobody cared about anyone else, so there was no need for messages, and the high intelligence of the time fully comprehended that knowledge induces sadness and pain and suffering and fear and (on rare occasions) blueberries, and so, because no one wants sadness or pain or suffering or fear or blueberries, unless you are starving on a desert island in which case you probably want the fear (desert islands are dangerous. Never not be afraid. That’s when people do stupid stuff), there was little use for knowledge inducing devices like books. This was the age of happiness. Your neighbor, family, friends, and dog could all be dying terrible, horrible, insert painful adjective here deaths, and you would be blissfully unaware. This all changed when people began caring about their fellow creatures and began writing letters.
People would spend forever writing the hugest long letters imaginable filled with:

I whishes thou a most joyful and safe return. I pray your beautiful family may be safe and lovely Eliza recovers from her dreadfully damaging illness. In case I missed wishing anyone good health, cover for me and tell them I wished them well. I will now continue to write random gibberish to fill the rest of the page, at which point I shall remember a vitally important piece of information that I simply must get to you. I will then start a new page and fill that one until I have the winning entry in the longest, most boring letter competition. This took me three hours to write, be grateful.

People spent hours on one letter adding as many flourishes to their style as humanly possible. Then, they would wait several months, and if the recipient cared enough to read their letter, let alone reply, they might possibly, if they were extremely lucky, get an answer.
Fast forward to whatever century we’re in now. We have little glowy bricks that we use to communicate with one another. We can send messages with a click and get mad if we don’t get something back right away. So we would obviously, because our messages get delivered so fast, spend a fair amount of time thinking about what we’re going to say, then make sure we’ve used correct grammar and spelling, then send with thankfulness in our hearts for such a quick messaging system.
Yes, that would be the polite, old-fashioned, sophisticated thing to do. So we couldn’t possibly do that.
No, we’ll disregard grammar, throw spelling out the window, and send whatever we want without thinking about it. If u think about it, were probably the most careless generation this poor world has seen in a wile. Now we shortn evryting so we can save a cople milisec to lengthn our lives as much as posble. Since wen dos lol mean anyting other than a speeling mestake? Somebody neds to larn hoe to pell low properly. Or do ppl red minds now? Thn no one shuld car if I rite the rest of tis uing oly the firt leter of evry word. ODYPNUWIASAMBTSMNS? OMIJOOTWWPADTD. ECBMF.



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