Insert Interesting Title Here

Insert welcome and/or announcement. Thank the reader for wasting their lives on the internet taking an interest in your subject and visiting your failure blog. Add several more useless sentences that make the aesthetic appeal more boring inviting and interesting.

Begin with a nonexistent cute photo of kids, pet, friends, landscape, stars, flowers, yourself, or any other picture of your useless, depressing, and horrible interesting life. Talk about how cute it was and the irrational thoughts and feelings you had. Make your subject relate to the reader an impossible task because your life sucks and bring up similar horrible emotions for them.

Add several more paragraphs because apparently some people are crazy enough to want more information about your unlucky and embarrassing life experiences.

End with a hopeless hopeful takeaway and ask the reader to post their overwhelming rants, bashings, and accusations comments below.
End with telling the reader to leave and that their life is useless thanking the reader for being here.

Insert my a nice name here.

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