Reality is Like…

Author’s Note: As this has gotten to the point of being so pessimistic there is no point of even continuing, so I will take some advice from my therapist and attempt to write an optimist view on life for every pessimistic one. Do not expect much. I’m sure it will be fine.

Reality is like football (a game which some people like but I find boring), except that no one explained the rules, you’re on a team by yourself, and there are seven billion people chasing balls in every direction, sacking each other, and blowing things up. The referees are also on an amazingly long coffee break and the constant explosives have so damaged their hearing, they don’t do anyone much good anyway. No one knows where the end zone is (not that anyone actually has a chance of getting there anyway) and the only obvious fix for this is to continue to set more explosives and punch people. Such logic.

Reality is like football. It provides entertainment for many people and is a gathering place for people to enjoy each other’s company and get over their differences. The rules are always followed and the referees are perfectly trained and never make a wrong call.  We should all be grateful for those helping us get through this and our team mates in life. Everyone has a team, and someday we will all get over everything that caused us to not get along and will become one great big team for the betterment of humanity.

So which would you consider to be the more accurate representation of life? It felt very strange writing the second one, like I was lying to myself the entire time, but I lie to myself all the time anyway. Overall, it was an interesting experiment.

Still wish you weren’t here (so glad you could make it),

Charlotte L. Dodgson

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